You’ve just purchased a new home that was built in 2013, and as you unpack and start to make this new house your home, you notice the air is a little stale and making you stuffy. You assume you are probably just moving a lot of dust and dirt around as you shuffle in and out with your boxes, but even after you are all unpacked, cleaned, and settled you are experiencing allergy like symptoms. Your irritated eyes and stuffy nose lead you right to Google where you may learn that your HVAC could be part of the problem, and you see one option come up constantly. Duct cleaning.

So how does duct cleaning help?

As you do a deep dive, you see many options to drastically improve your indoor air quality and learn that a duct cleaning is at the very LEAST recommended every three to five years, but for optimal results and maintenance it should really be done annually. You scramble to find your closing documents and see that there was no regular maintenance performed on your HVAC by a professional company and there has been no action taken to boost your indoor air quality. You have decided to take charge of yours and your families health and combat those nasty dust mites with indoor air quality products and services. Just by making that decision, you are already well on your way, but now its time to pick up that phone, call Vital Air and have one of our comfort specialists come to your home and discuss what your options are. Upon meeting, the first step in your journey to cleaner, healthier air may be to have your ducts cleaned.

What are air ducts?

In your home, air ducts are tubes that connect the HVAC system with air vents throughout the house. Your HVAC system then pulls air in through an intake vent and either heats or cools that air. The ductwork is essential to your HVAC to distribute the air in your home.

What is a duct cleaning?

When your appointment day arrives, one of our professionals will determine and check all access points to the ductwork and visually examine the ducts to determine what your best option is. Considering the age of your home and system and your family’s needs, you decide to go one step further than just eliminating the dirt and debris in the duct work and opt to upgrade and have them sanitized with an antimicrobial fogger to ensure no growths are lingering in your air. During your duct cleaning, your service professional will bring in a roto brush and other professional duct cleaning tools. They will then clean the entirety of your duct system, including the intake and return vents. They will also perform a clean on your registers, grills, and fans.

Benefits of a duct cleaning.

Along with aiding in the elimination of excess dust around your home, duct cleaning can be beneficial to your health. It will help prevent allergens from circulating in the air throughout your home, which creates a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones. In addition to the removal of allergens that could be circulating, duct cleaning and sanitizing will help make your home smell better and is a great first step in removing humidity from your air.

After your cleaning.

Aside from the recommendation to have your ducts cleaned annually, your service professional may discuss sealing your ductwork as well, to ensure your best quality of air. We also offer many other wonderful indoor air quality products and services to better serve you, so be sure to ask!

With spring right around the corner, its best to schedule your AC tune up and discuss having your duct work cleaned to help eliminate any microbial growth or pesky allergens lurking within. Call today and get your appointment on the books!

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