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Heating repair & Service

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Gas systems will always have a flue pipe (typically located on the indoor portion of the system). Electrical systems will typically have a large electrical wire running through it to supply power. Chances are if you have a gas bill, you’ll have a gas furnace. If you need help assessing whether your unit is gas or electric, we’d be happy to assist you.
The size of your equipment is determined by the “load” of your house which is determined with a load calculation. When replacing their system, many people want to simply use the same size as their previous system. However, this is not the most efficient way to select a new unit. You can start planning your new system by completing our self-service tool or contacting us. One of our highly skilled technicians will confirm the specifications to ensure the right system is installed for your unique situation.
  • With the heating and air system being the largest consumer or energy in your home, your heating and cooling system are a great place to start. The components of a very efficient system are efficient equipment and duct work.
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